My interview with South Africa’s: Shashi Naidoo


Shashi Naidoo is a South African actress, television presenter, model, MC, entrepreneur and fashion blogger.

Her interview as one of South Africa’s top socialites was just recently aired in December 2015, on E! Entertainment network.

I met Sashi Naidoo by chance while on holiday with my husband in Capetown, South Africa in November 2014. It was during this trip that I started conceptualizing the idea for my blog. One of the ideas that I had shared with my husband during that trip, was how I’d love to do spontaneous interviews of random people around why they loved certain places.  We were out having lunch at a nice restaurant at Camps Bay beach, when we both spotted this STUNNINGLY beautiful lady sitting a few tables away from us. She was sitting alone but you could tell she was waiting for her lunch companion to arrive. My husband turned to me and said: ‘You want to do random interviews right? Well, here’s your chance’. I looked at him incredulously like: ‘Are you crazy??’… I mean, at the time, I didn’t know that Shashi was Shashi, all I saw was an insanely beautiful woman, with an exotic yet aristocratic composure, that seemed to say ‘You can’t sit with me’.

Against my personality type and ‘safe’ judgment, I summoned the courage, walked up to her, introduced myself briefly and asked if I could do a short interview of her. She smiled and asked ‘right now?’ and I said yes, not believing how surprisingly approachable she was. Long story short, below is a 1 -minute video of my interview with her on why she loves Cape town. Happy viewing:



Bina Idonije        

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  1. See the way her face lit up as she talks about her country in the midst of whatever negative issues in the country. She really is pretty. Let’s celebrate the good in our country and drive away negativity. Well done Bina.

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