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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. The main reason I started this blog is to INSPIRE people; inspire people to be better and do better.

One of my great passions in life is writing. I love to, and best express myself when I write. I started this blog as a platform to spark conversations that matter. I remain extremely curious about this wonderful thing called ‘life’ and that’s why I have a section dedicated to interviews; I like to bring to light interesting perspectives of what inspiring and successful people are up to .

I am also very passionate about my country Nigeria; hence the dedicated section in this blog tagged #Nigeria. In this respect, I am a self-proclaimed student of JFK’s nationhood philosophy of :“ Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country’ . Nigeria is a country saddled with need, it is incumbent on each of us to be part of the solutions.

binaidonije.com is my platform to share my ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and my unique view on life’s issues. It is my hope that this would not be a one way conversation but rather an interactive forum. I welcome you to share your points of view as well; challenge my ideas and beliefs when you feel strongly otherwise, and herald them when you concur.




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  1. Bina, excellent way to introduce your blog. I hope we will get to know about your extended family as well. What country are you from? Interesting way to start though and I look forward to reading more of your opinion on various topics.

  2. Hey fav cuz…. Interesting start… I’m Drooling already… We share loadz in common… Super proud of U… Expected this sooner… late is usually better than never…. On the edge of my seat… Let the cruise begin….

  3. The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now. . . about time girl, definitely your thing. . . *wink*

  4. Bina,

    I’m extremely proud of seeing you become the woman that you are today inspiring women (and men alike) to take advantage of every breath to their fullest potential.

    I believe that you will hit the skies gliding. Be sure to have me pop in here once in a while………..I sure will criticise you to….that’s part what family is about *wink*.

    Thumbs up to Arab Girl

  5. Hmmmm!!!….speechless…though not surprised…..what an interesting beginning….waiting for the you sis 🙂 :*

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the article on marriage… A good read for anyone in or planning to walk down the isle. Well done… Keep it coming ?

  7. My Dear Bina,
    Finally you step out of the closet. As a friend, I am aware of your inherent excellence. I am sure you will, no doubt bring your creativity to bear in your new course as a blogger. Great promise of authenticity you have pledged. We pray you keep it. The couple of blog i ardently follow, are either one of a personal friend or that of someone I knew from the past. And I have had my fair share of disappointments bordering on stale news/gist, lack of originality and authenticity.
    But we know that what you are bringing to the blog world would be exceptional. Congratulations.

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